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3 Expert Tips for Buying Backsplash Tile

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Backsplash Tile has been a staple in every kitchen remodeling project for decades. Backsplash serves both as a decorative element, and as protection to otherwise exposed drywall. With literal thousands of options in materials, designs, and colors; where do you even start? Check out these 3 tips from a licensed contractor to help you decide what is the best backsplash option for your project.

1-Use backsplash as an accent piece: Backsplash tile can be used as an statement piece that is meant to stand out as the kitchen's focal point. In a world full of gray and/or white kitchens, we have noticed a recent trend where homeowners go for bolder designs and colors so to "spice" up the finished kitchen design. This has been particularly true for 2021.

2-Use your backsplash as warm the room: Building on the recent trend of white and grey kitchens, we have noticed homeowners adding "warmer", Earth tone elements in their backsplash so for the space to feel more welcoming and less "hospital-like". From the installations we have observed, we have noticed that Earth tones are particularly useful in creating the hospitable feel above.

3-To balance other decor pieces: Solid color backsplash can help tone down busy countertops and cabinet designs; while patterned backsplash can provide a lively touch to an otherwise neutral kitchen. The main idea here is for the backsplash to compliment the already existing color scheme, not necessarily match it. The idea is for the room to feel balanced.

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